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The Isabella Special Edition showcases the finest British craftsmanship in celebrating this oh-so-rare whisky.

A Single Scotch Malt Whisky from Islay hand bottled in handmade English Glass Decanters with White Gold and diamond lettering presented in an English hand carved wooden case.

A rendezvous with distinction. This is what first defines this association of whisky, handmade glass and prized artistry. It is a rendezvous that tells it’s own tale. These elements of the finest mastery and knowledge combine to form a delicate yet timeless kinship that is testament to the history of the Islay region and its men and women.

Isabella’s Islay Special Edition is beautifully velvety, fresh and challenging to comprehend the intracity, uplifting, with a texture that reaches all parts of the palate without being imperious, which gives it a perceived lightness with prodigious balance.