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Isabella’s Islay Silver

Cenél n Óengusa

In the ancient mists of time just after the Roman Empire and before Scotland was joined as one, the lands of Scotland were made up of separate kingdoms. Scotland was divided by the Picts, Scots and Britons. Islay was occupied by the Scots with the land known as Cenél nÓengusa, the name of the kindred, the forebears to the clans.

In those times Kings and Chiefs displayed their wealth with Silver, left by the Romans, and used to exchange and accumulate wealth and privileges through trade.

Hence Isabella’s Islay Silver Cenél nÓengusa Single Malt Islay whisky in a finest quality Silver and gold covered Decanter is a gift recognisable by and suitable for the Kings and Chiefs of Ancient Scotland.

Isabella’s Islay Silver Cenél nÓengusa, has impressions of rich fruitiness and hints of rich red wine, develops hints of creme brulee. Initially tingly creaminess, vanilla, and a mild woodiness. The whisky is polished, exquisite and subtle, urbane and balanced with notes of fresh meadow.